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Sujan Sarkar – Keep your camera ON; always

Sujan Sarkar Interview with designpuli
Sujan, a school teacher, is the most decorated photographer we had the privilege to feature in this blog. He is fascinated by the energy of human soul, environmental issues, daily life, landscape and social issues. He is on a constant pursuit to improve his photography with every click.

Sujan Sarkar Interview with designpuli Sujan Sarkar
Technique: Travel

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Gulfu (Prasanth Chandran) – Keep an eye out

Gulfu - Prasanth Chandran - Interview
Prasanth (Gulfu) is a curious amalgamation of talents. He is a public relations professional moonlighting as a photographer trying his hands at various genres – macro, travel, portrait, light painting etc. His colorful creations are hard to ignore. We are super excited to be in talks with the talented photographer who hails from Aluva, Kerala.

Gulfu - Prasanth Chandran Interview Gulfu (Prasanth Chandran)
Facebook | Flickr
Technique: Travel

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Achim Katzberg – Get out and shoot

Achim Katzberg Interview by designpuli
Achim Katzberg, hailing from Mainz, Germany, is a curious mix of a photographer. He is specialized in street and reporting photography along with architecture photography. Its the last aspect of his work that caught my eye in the first place.
He says, “My street photography reflects my great love for people and life in general as well as my fascination for architecture and design. I love to show people in the urban environment in strong compositions.” His works stand as a testimony to his passion. We are super excited to introduce him to our readers.

Achim Katzberg Interview Achim Katzberg
Portfolio | Facebook | Flickr
Technique: Architecture

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Nirmal Harindran – Smartly Invisible

Nirmal Harindran Interview on designpuliy
Nirmal Harindran has an uncanny eye for spotting the shot, as is evident from his works. Hailing from the city of looms and lores, Kannur, Kerala, Nirmal is a no-nonsense photographer who knows what he wants to do and achieve. Here we are in talks with the talented photographer about his vision, works and mode-of-operation.

Nirmal Harindran Interview Nirmal Harindran
Facebook | 500px
Technique: Travel

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John Pedersen – Be a student of light

John Pedersen Interview - Wet Boots-M
John Pedersen has been a photography and visual arts enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Photography is a medium for him to portray how he feels and sees the world around him. A completely self-taught photographer, he is constantly pushing himself to “see” what others have failed to see. Needless to say, whenever John comes back from his travels, it is a feast for our eyes.
In this discussion, John discusses his passion, technique and observations on his photography.

John Pederson Interview (coming soon) John Pedersen
Facebook | Site | 500px | Flickr
Technique: Landscape (Amateur)

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Praveen P Mohandas – Wildly Artistic

Praveen P Mohandas designpuli Interview
Praveen P Mohandas is an architect by profession and a nature photographer by passion. His creations are characterized by unique perspectives of nature and wild life. Praveen, a Malayali, has been doing photography for the past 12 years and holds a diploma in still photography. In this interview, we try to discover what drives the man.

Praveen P Mohandas Interview Praveen P Mohandas
Facebook | Site
Technique: Wild life (Amateur)

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Ten Questions you should be asking every photographer

Right Questions to be asked while interviewing photographers
Update – dPs published this article on September 11, 2012.
Over the last two years, I had the privilege of interacting with many talented photographers from around the world discussing their work, vision and style of photography.
My first ‘victim’ was Jyothy Karat – a photo documenter. I wanted a set of compelling and illuminating questions that could help a newbie start. But I had no clue as to what I should be asking. No amount of googling did help either.
But little did I realize at that time that I had the opportune blessing of being both ignorant and curious about photography. I sat down thinking about the questions that I wanted to be answered and clarified. After an hour or so, I did come up with some interesting questions.
Given below are a handful of questions that I use as a starter on every photographer that I interview.
Q. What kind of gear do you use?

a. Camera body –
b. Lens –
c. Tripod –
d. Filters –
e. Flash –
f. Camera bag –
g. Mention others, if any.

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Nisha Purushothaman – Catching Bird's Eye

Nisha Purushothaman Interview
Nisha Purushothaman, a fine art major, who likes to sketch, started photographing birds about two years ago. In this interview, she talks about her inspiration, style and passion towards photography.

Nisha Purushothaman Interview (Birds) Nisha Purushothaman
Facebook | Site
Technique: Wild life (Birds)

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Neeta Shankar – Keep Smiling for better photos

Neeta Shankar Photography
She has been rightly credited with bringing cheer to many a soul with her shooting skills. And she sheepishly acknowledges her photography beginnings to “poor memory” which made her carry a camera where ever she goes! She is the beautiful Neeta Shankar, a young photographer whose passion is framing and freezing moments.

Neeta Shankar Interview Neeta Shankar
Site | Facebook | Twitter

Technique: Portraiture
Official Photographer for “Tour of Nilgiris 2010”.
Her short film U-turn was ranked as one of the top 6 films at International Short Film Festival, Bhubaneshwar.
Official photographer for Celebration Run – Mysore Marathon.

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