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10 Mobile Apps We Love!

10 Mobile Apps
“I will email you the links of some mobile apps we love. Study them and all the very best!”
This is my standard closing line to a majority of job seekers who end up before me to be interviewed for a post of mobile UX designers in my organization. Good talent is very rare. But I sincerely hope that more and more people will sensitize themselves about the amazing and complex arena of user experience design.
Here are the 10 mobile apps we love for the user experience and ‘Wow!’ factors, in no particular order.
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Why I'm Uninstalling a Great Mobile App from Yahoo!

Yahoo! News Digest mobile app is a gem. The experience is awesome. The news digest gets published twice a day at 08:00 AM and 06:00 PM. Simply consume the news as a healthy nine/ten/eleven nibbles. “Did you know?” at the end of each digest is always a good read. The subtle dots animations and parallax transitions are awesome.
But today, probably around 06:30 PM IST, with a heavy heart, I uninstalled this wonderful app.
Why, you ask?
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Reflectors – Smaller the Better

Reflector 12Inch
The commonly available reflectors are of the size 30 inches. But I wanted a 12 Inch reflector. I was quizzed by a friend of mine as to why I was trying to buy a small reflector compared to the bigger ones.
I blurted out – easy to carry around. That raised many a number of questions.

Why a small one – in particular?

Reflector 12 Inch Comparison
[Left] 12 Inch reflector folded into a case [Right] 12 Inch reflector placed on top of 30 Inch reflector

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Solving the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter

Kitchen Knife and cutting board
[UpdateSolved the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter]
Every house hold starts with this setup. Although this is a cost effective unit, it doesn’t contribute much to reduce the time that it takes to chop the vegetables.
So you look on the internet for alternatives.
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10 Pros Say What They Wish They’d Known about Photography

As I was reading the recent dPS article – 21 Readers Tell What they Wish They’d Known about Photography, it dawned on me that a handful of pros have already talked to us regarding what they wish they’d known. Here is a compilation of their answers.
Q. Is there anything you wish you knew when you started photographing?
Sriram Guruswamy (Style – Potrait)

I never had the luxury of a mentor or of a formal training. My Photography style is totally self-taught and it took years to get evolved. I realized late that photography is not just about capturing something that is already beautiful.
There is a bigger dimension to it as being an honest perspective into those real moments of truth depicted in an aesthetic way.

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One stop newbie guide for buying a DSLR

Update : Only after publishing this post did it hit me. Its been a year since I own a DSLR. It has been quite an eventful journey so far. (status) Thank you folks for being so wonderful and supportive.
Recently a friend of mine asked me to help his friend buy a DSLR. To be frank, it left me scratching my head as I was at a loss as to what to tell him. Then I realized that the posts that have been published in designpuli are indeed a great place to start, if read in the right order. Once I sent him the mail, I figured it could help more people. So here is the post from where you can start your research.

beginner's guide

A Beginners Guide to Buying a DSLR (from a Beginner)

I wanted to make a transition from P&S to DSLR. So I asked Google, my all-knowing ever-faithful friend, “What should I do?”. The keeper-of-all-knowledge promptly dumped thousands of camera reviews in front of me to choose from. “Oh my!” – I pinched myself.

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Half A dozen Stupid things people will do after buying their first DSLR

mistakes DSLR newbies make
It is astonishing to see that newbies buying their first DSLR (including me), even after spending so much time on their research, have hit on a sequence of spending behaviours that is not exactly helping them in the long run. Here is a rundown of half a dozen of such things they we regret on later.
1. Extra battery
The battery pack that comes with the camera is an excellent unit that lasts for a reasonable amount of shots. I have used my fully charged battery on Nikon D90 for approximately 600 shots on a span of a week. Although it would make sense to buy extra battery if you are into professional business, as a newbie you will seldom find yourself actually needing any unless you trek for weeks on end in the jungles.
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