Here is a YouTube playlist of all design talks by AnasKA.

Here is a YouTube playlist of all design talks by AnasKA

This page is a collection of the talks on photography that have influenced me to “see” better. I hope these men and women help you better your passion.


David will present techniques and avenues of approach to stimulate your photographic voice, and provide insight to achieving a unique style that you can call your own.

We often stand amazed at photographs and wonder “how was that done?”.
Two powerful lessons one needs to learn is what lens to use for which situation and how to compose a photo for the most powerful presentation. Lenses and composition go hand in hand in knowing how to turn your “snapshot” looking photos into powerful images. Join Jim Dicecco as he shows you how lenses and composition work together to help your images pack that powerful punch.

Peter Hurley talks about the equipment, workflow, direction and other things needed to help create a better headshot.
The Big Picture created this Emmy award winning documentary on living legend photographer Jay Maisel.

Richard Harrington explains what ever there is to be said about timelapse photography setup and concerns.

Fish Eye can be used for creating powerful images with its trademark look. Gene Ho demonstrates how it can be used in wedding photography.