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Design – Campaign for ‘dpe’

One lazy afternoon in November. I was chatting with my friends Pavan and Pankaj. We were discussing about cute product designs featured in a website and were admiring the designers. Suddenly, we had a spark: “Can we organize a design competition for such products in our college department (CPDM, IISc Bangalore) among the students?”

Thus ‘dpe’ was born. ‘dpe’ means ‘Design | Participate | Excel.’ I made plans for a teaser kind of series ads to generate interest among the students.
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Design – 404 Page of blumblum.com

Crystallization of the idea
A lot of Photoshop work went into the design of the free wedding invitation template website blumblum.com. The checkerboard pattern in Photoshop that represents a transparent image led to the idea of making this 404 page.
Click here to visit the 404 page of blumblum.com.
Transparent 404 page
To give the feeling of transparent ice or transparent glass to the page, SolidWorks software is used to render the images. The 404 page consists of a ‘404 error,’ a matrix just like the blumblum homepage and a message of ‘File Not Found.’
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Transparent Background in SolidWorks Rendering

I do most of my product designs in SolidWorks tool. When I am happy with a rendered image of the model, I use Photoshop to enhance this JPG image by adding backgrounds. The only hitch in this process is cutting-out the model from its default background using a combination of Magnetic Lasso and Magic Wand tools in Photoshop. If the model is a complicated one, this process takes a lot of time and needs considerable patience.
Yes, there is always a solution to a problem. This is how I solved it.
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