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A shared Masala Chai :)

Friday Evening

Kabir walked into the meeting room with two cups of tea, some biscuits and chocolate. Yogesh and I were waiting for him as he greeted us with a smile.

“Would you gentlemen like to share a tea with me?”

We hesitated for a second as we just had a hot chocolate drink from the cafeteria.

“This is a very good Masala Chai from the shop around the corner at our office lobby. It is not machine made, the shopkeeper himself makes it on a stove.”

Yogesh ran out to get an empty cup so that we can share and enjoy the tea during the upcoming discussion.

And boy, it tasted great!

As soon as the discussion finished, we ran downstairs to the small shop as its closing time was 5:00PM.

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Typography — A Quickstart Guide

A few weeks back, I got the opportunity to attend the ‘Expo PDi’ Workshop conducted by IDC, IIT Bombay. The participants were an amazing bunch of people with diverse backgrounds. Some were designers in reputed companies, IT professionals, toy designers, architects, social workers, teachers, media personalities, students of design, CEED aspirants and a father-daughter team (She is studying in Class 12)!
The three day workshop sowed the seeds of design awareness. Since CEED 2013 is just a few weeks away, I thought of compiling some knowledge I gained from the workshop as a blog post series. Let us start with Typography.

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Neeraj Menon and Soumya Jain — Mnmlstc pstrs

Minimalistic Posters

Let us play a game. Can you identify the movies from the following minimalistic posters?
Hint: This is a 2001 animated Hollywood movie that was a huge hit at the time

Hint: This is a 2010 Hindi movie that received critical acclaim

Hint: This 1984 Hollywood movie enjoys a cult status across the world.
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Design — Poster for Science & Technology Run 2010

The shoelace was great. So. this year the expectations are higher. Can I pull it off?

On 11-Apr-2010, IISc Alumni Cell is organising ‘Science & Technology Run’ or better known as ‘SnT Run.’ I got a chance to do the branding work. I have handled the branding of SnT Run of 2008. People liked the banners and posters very much: especially the ‘shoelace’ one. Read the full story here.

So here I am, trying to outrun myself.
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Design – Campaign for ‘dpe’

One lazy afternoon in November. I was chatting with my friends Pavan and Pankaj. We were discussing about cute product designs featured in a website and were admiring the designers. Suddenly, we had a spark: “Can we organize a design competition for such products in our college department (CPDM, IISc Bangalore) among the students?”

Thus ‘dpe’ was born. ‘dpe’ means ‘Design | Participate | Excel.’ I made plans for a teaser kind of series ads to generate interest among the students.
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Design – Poster for IISc Soccer League

“A good, vibrant coloured football action photograph (like a bicycle kick or a slide-in tackle or netting-in the ball or a fight for the ball in the air) to your liking.”
This was one of the requirements I received from my friend describing the image to be put on a poster announcing the registration for a Soccer League.
As always, I designed three posters.
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Design — Poster for Magazine: 2

“Raise your voice…”
‘Voices’ is a student magazine in my college with the slogan ‘Raise your voice, let yourself be heard!’ I got a chance to design posters that ask students to be a part of the magazine.
One of my earlier attempts of poster design for this same magazine can be found here.
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Design — Poster: Election 2009

Pawns in the game
Results of general elections in India are announced a few days back. This time, many of the candidates used the latest technologies like blogs, twitter, Orkut groups, Flash banner ads in websites, SMS campaigning… Also we saw a lot of public service ads urging citizens to use their fundamental right to vote.
In my college, this year’s Students’ Council Elections were held on 16-May-2009. I got the opportunity to design a series of posters to inform students about the election. Time frame for executing the work was very short.
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