Design — Poster for Science & Technology Run 2010

The shoelace was great. So. this year the expectations are higher. Can I pull it off?

On 11-Apr-2010, IISc Alumni Cell is organising ‘Science & Technology Run’ or better known as ‘SnT Run.’ I got a chance to do the branding work. I have handled the branding of SnT Run of 2008. People liked the banners and posters very much: especially the ‘shoelace’ one. Read the full story here.

So here I am, trying to outrun myself.

I am doing three separate designs for SnT Run 2010. They are:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Poster Design for publicity
  3. Banner design for the event

In this post, I am explaining only about the item 2: ‘Poster Design for publicity.’

Initial Ideas

I exactly know what I am NOT going to do this year. I am not going to use the imagery of a robot running. I am not going to use shoelaces. Although the run happens in the green campus of IISc, I am thinking about a race track. I am thinking about the markings on the turf. Then I have a view of somebody running towards the camera. He is running to me as if there is not much time left for the event. Wait, can ‘he’ be the date on which the SnT Run is happening?

The setting of the stage

This photo is taken by Sanja Gjenero (Lusi) from Croatia. Thank you Sanja for allowing me to use this photo.

Applying Gaussian Blur to a feathered selection showing depth
3D rendering of ’11 April 2010’ in SolidWorks 


Arranging the numerals and alphabets and applying blur


Adding shadows and applying blur


Adding the SnT Run logo on to the turf


The idea was that the date of SnT Run is approaching, so don’t be an onlooker, be a part and so ‘Better run…’

This is the finished poster. Click to enlarge.

Environment friendly posters are Green!

‘Run for science, run for environment’ is selected as this year’s SnT Run theme. Nowadays whenever people think of environment or eco-friendliness, the ‘green’ colour fills their imagination. So I am told to come up with a green version of the poster.

Desaturated image


‘Feathered’ track


Adding original image in the background


Adding a green layer on top of the feathered track only


Changing the opacity of the green layer and applying ‘Overlay’ blending mode
This is the finished green poster. Click to enlarge.

I will be writing about the other two designs (logo and banner) soon.

AnasKA SnT Run 2010

More Photos of SnT Run 2010 are uploaded here.

Software: Photoshop, SolidWorks
Design Date: 07-Feb-2010