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Design — Business Card v3.0 for antzFx

The last redesign of our antzFx business card was more than two years ago. So we decided to do a v3.0 redesign. This is the story of our design and you can download a free business card design template in PSD format too.

Click on the image for a closer view.
Blank ‘Business Card’ stock image by: Brian Lary, Madison, US

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Design – 'Ban me!' Business Card

Dear Reader,
We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2011!

Can you decipher the following equation?

If yes, you are as smart as the symbolist Prof. Robert Langdon. You can stop reading this and continue with your intellectual life. Others, read on…
In the past 10 years, I had to attend a lot of job interviews. Some of them were enlightening; some others were embarassing to me as I repeat the “I don’t know” line for the nth time. Once in a while, I have faced challenging questions that need me to show creativity. Today I am going to discuss one such question.
“Design a business card for you without using any alphabets.”
Although I was expected to do only one design, I came up with four. Let us start with the obvious solutions.

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10 Free Designs – Wedding Invitation Templates

A few days before their marriage, people usually send an e-mail reminder to their friends. Usually it is a colorful image file with the most important information: Name of the bride and groom; date, time and place of the marriage and contact information. Once I have written about a wedding invitation design I did for my friend.
If you are looking for unique, free wedding invitation templates, we are presenting 10 beautiful blank templates.
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Design — Greeting Card: Independence Day

====Message Start ====
Are you looking for a wallpaper or calendar?
On the occasion of the Indian Independence Day (15-Aug), here is a ‘Jai Ho!’ desktop wallpaper/calendar for you to download.


Visit this blog entry: Design – Independence Day Desktop Wallpaper Calendar
Team; 13-Aug-2009
====Message End ====
Young at heart and
A million opportunities.
Above were the words that came to my mind when I sat to make a greeting card to mark the occasion of India’s Independence Day (15th of August).
The result

Download this Greeting Card >
(JPG, 800 X 600, 192KB)
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Design – Wedding Invitation

“I like this green one. I will take it.”
“Good. I am happy to hear that.”

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The Work
My friend is getting married next month. After inviting all of us in person, he is planning to send an e-mail three days prior to the event as a reminder. His requirement was simple. He needs a stylish invitation in JPG format to use in the ‘reminder’ e-mail. I agreed to do this for him.

After a couple of days, he gave me more specifications. He sent me a small poem to appear on the invitation. He wanted clutter free and no frill fonts to facilitate easy reading.
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