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10 Mobile Apps We Love!

10 Mobile Apps
“I will email you the links of some mobile apps we love. Study them and all the very best!”
This is my standard closing line to a majority of job seekers who end up before me to be interviewed for a post of mobile UX designers in my organization. Good talent is very rare. But I sincerely hope that more and more people will sensitize themselves about the amazing and complex arena of user experience design.
Here are the 10 mobile apps we love for the user experience and ‘Wow!’ factors, in no particular order.
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Solving the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter

Kitchen Knife and cutting board
[UpdateSolved the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter]
Every house hold starts with this setup. Although this is a cost effective unit, it doesn’t contribute much to reduce the time that it takes to chop the vegetables.
So you look on the internet for alternatives.
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Afterthought – Things I should have taken care while purchasing my DSLR

After two years since owning my first DSLR, I am slowly realizing the mistakes (the simple ones) that I made while making my purchase.
I hope the following notes will help you keep away from making the same mistakes.
Sandisk Extreme Class 10 4GB SDHC 30MBps card

Memory cards

When I was making my purchase of a DSLR, I was least worried about memory cards. I just went with whatever card the seller gave me. My only consideration at that point in time was the storage capacity of the card.
I regret that now. Because I completely overlooked the speed aspect.
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Realizations of a DSLR newbie

surprise - cry of realization
Image by Piotr Bizior
Update – The following post was published by dPs on August 21, 2011. Re-sharing it here for our readers.

It’s been almost 10 months since I bought my first DSLR. The days so far were both beautiful and challenging as well as immensely educational.
The time I spent juggling with my camera have given me some insight into the intricacies of this business. Given below are a few realizations I had in the last few days.

1. What you see is not what you get.

2. To get what you see you need to understand light. That takes a lot time, effort and patience.
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A Dozen Apps for Ubuntu Users

Ubuntu Logo

I am a big fan of wubi. No other distro but Ubuntu supports installing a linux OS inside windows. So I find myself shift+delete-ing Ubuntu installation once a new one arrives. Over the years, I’ve narrowed down a dozen apps I find installing immediately after the OS itself. This post introduces my favorite (and useful) dozen.

Hamster Time Tracker

hamster time tracker

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Photography – Reliable DSLR/Lens/Flash Review Sites

DSLR and Lens review-site

Trust is a little hard to come by – especially in online sector. I spent the last two weeks in search for a “good’ DSLR. With a little (read: a lot of) help from one of our guest authors, I finally managed to buy one. During that search, I chanced upon a couple of sites that are trustworthy. This post is meant to recognise their hard work and dedication.

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In Search Of the Best Google Chrome Plugins

The best always stands out in the crowd.

chrome extensions logo

But sometimes the crowd is so huge that we need someone else to point them out. This post tries to accomplish just that. With tons of Google Chrome plugins available for our use, choosing the “few” useful ones could be time-consuming. Presented below are a dozen plugins that I found useful (with a little help from some of my friends).
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Design — Online Survey

How good is good?
“Necessity is the mother of Invention” — although Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes) may not share the enthusiasm. We wanted to conduct a survey about online advertisements and we were looking for a ‘good’ tool. The word ‘good’ was difficult to achieve. Google search produced a ton of online survey websites, but they didn’t cater to our specific requirements. Even after an hour of googling we didn’t manage to hit the right keywords.
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