Afterthought – Things I should have taken care while purchasing my DSLR

After two years since owning my first DSLR, I am slowly realizing the mistakes (the simple ones) that I made while making my purchase.
I hope the following notes will help you keep away from making the same mistakes.
Sandisk Extreme Class 10 4GB SDHC 30MBps card

Memory cards

When I was making my purchase of a DSLR, I was least worried about memory cards. I just went with whatever card the seller gave me. My only consideration at that point in time was the storage capacity of the card.
I regret that now. Because I completely overlooked the speed aspect.
My D90 can support write speeds in excess of 20MB/s. This means that I can put a Class 10 memory card with 30MB/s write speed. For example, a Class 10 Sandisk EXTREME SD memory card with 30MBps write speed.

What’s the perk?

The single most advantage I get is sustained higher successive shutter clicks while in continuous shutter mode.
Next time you are making a purchase of memory cards, make sure to buy the card that has the maximum write speed that the respective camera model supports.


I walked in to a local camera store at Ernakulam, Kerala. The salesman showed me the pricey models first and then the cheapest ones. I thought – Damn it! Its just 3 legs! Lets buy the cheap ones. I walked home with the shakiest tripod, under my arms, the shop sold.
Later I realized, an ideal tripod has to have the following qualifications.

  • Sturdy legs
  • Leg height
  • Reversible Center Column

Sturdy Legs

This goes without saying that the tripod has to have sturdy legs for cleaner shots. I found that many a shots are wasted because of the shaky tripod legs.

Leg Height

The tripod height should match your own height when the legs are fully extended. No one tells you the importance of having this feature until you realize it all by yourself – when back-ache from stooping becomes your constant companion.

Reversible Center Column

For very low angle photography, like macro shots, it is essential to keep the height of the tripod as close to the ground as possible. In those cases, it is ideal to have a reversible center column feature in the camera. This is essential only if you do macro a lot.
Moral of the story being, invest in a good sturdy tripod – even if they are costly. Save up the money in a couple of months time, if needed.

Full frame

If you can afford a full frame camera with out throttling your financial stability – go for it!