Reality Check

The first post in designpuli was published on May 2008. It’s been 6 years since we have been making our presence in the web.

Our own voice

Initially, it was antzfx‘s effort that ran the blog. 6 months down the line, fullfx – me, realized that I can contribute too to the blog in a meaningful way. Since then, between us, we have published 182 posts in total.

New Friends

We have met new people, made new friends, interacted with masters in their respective field during these years. It has been exciting and most rewarding to us.


For all the effort that was put into making new content, it is disconcerting to see the response being somewhat lukewarm. The Bounce rate is alarming. So is Avg. Session Duration. So is every other metric.


To put the above metric into perspective, lets analyze the growth of a somewhat similar site. dPS started its operation two years before us. Now they are inside the first 5,000 most visited sites. We are placed north of 16 lakhs by the same system of ranking.


Over the years we were quick to justify the poor performance citing our commitment for creating great content as opposed to creating popular content. But I now realize that it is just an excuse for not trying harder. The real reason for the lack of growth is that somewhere along the lines, we lost passion. We stopped making great content on a regular basis.

Looking forward

I know that the trick is to keep trying; more vigorously than before. Faith, more than hope, should drive us forward.
In that positive note, let me thank you all for the faith and encouragement you have shown us over the years.