“Everything that has a beginning… needs a start!”

Right hand bottom corner of my screen shows 6:08AM IST, Wednesday, May 21, 2008. This is an auspicious time to start the first blog in my life. To be frank, a crude form of my blog has been a regular in my College Yahoo Groups since 2001. After getting so much ‘little’ attention and seldom replies or comments from my friends, the crude blog met with a silent death.

I want to win an Oscar some day. As on today, the Academy does not give away Oscars in Electronics Engineering. So, after serious and lazy thoughts, I have decided to become a designer. What designer, even I don’t know, only time can tell.

  • I need a portfolio with a lot of shameless self promotional stuff.
  • I need to learn Auto CAD, 3dsMax and SolidWorks.
  • I need to improve my English.
  • I need to buy a Notebook PC.
  • I need to decide where to study the ‘Master in Design’ Course.

Everything is possible. But as I am suffering from a pathetic disease of laziness…

Anything below 200 is easy to read. The ‘word counter’ shows 183 words so far excluding the title.

That’s all from my end. Let us meet again sometime in this week.