“Tell me, what was your first design?”

titatic mspaint art

A couple of days ago, I happen to read a blog post by Gavin Elliott: “Designers, what was your first piece of work?.” 24 designers speak about their first designs. Since I am not a celebrity, Gavin didn’t take the trouble of contacting me.

So today morning, I spent some hours digging through my back-up data in CDs and got some old stuff. For those who are interested, here is my story.
“What is a computer?”
I am one of those very few ‘youngsters’ out there who have actually used Windows 3.1 OS in 1996. Windows 95 had appeared by that time, but my village in India was far, far away from the latest technology (Now it is better!). For a long time, computer for me was the CRT Monitor. I never really observed the box with a power-ON switch near that monitor. Yes, yes, now I know how a Mac looks like.
Going digital
I bought a ‘Dummies’ book and started learning Adobe Photoshop 5.5 in August, 2000. Since it was a limited day trial version without the ‘save’ command, I couldn’t save the early designs I did. I vaguely remember making a composition of a straw in a glass of yellow fruit juice. At that time, I was not a technologically advanced guy to think about ‘Print screen’ and ‘MS Paint.’ Alas!

This is the oldest Photoshop work I could get from the archives. The time stamp of the file says 28-Nov-2000. I created this on my friend’s PC while I was staying with him in Bangalore, in search of a job. You can see the influence of Hollywood in my earlier works.
I followed it up the next day with the ‘Perfect storm’ scene, a space shuttle and a satellite and some logo renderings of DOLBY Digital and DTS.

I started to learn Macromedia Flash 4.0 in August, 2000. I made a DTS trailer and fortunately I have the original file with me. It is fun to see it now. It even had a typo – ‘Aiso featuring…’ instead of ‘Also featuring…’ — just after the appearance of DOLBY logo! And, there is no audio in this file.

Then I made a ‘Jurassic Park-Lost World-Godzilla’ inspired short animation. After a couple of years, I lost interest in animations completely.

As per records, on 03-Sep-2001, I made an htm file to use in a server for my colleague’s project. I don’t have that file with me, but I remember placing the LINUX logo in it. The project was called ‘Peripheral Sharing Device (PSD),’ I cannot remember what it was. I may have used Microsoft FrontPage to design the page.

The first website I made is for my own use and it was hosted in a FreeServers domain. The date of upload is Saturday, 22-Sep-2001. This domain is still active and what you see there now is an updated version I did in 2005. Click here to see the original version. If possible, view in Internet Explorer to see the gliding effect of the background. I designed it in Macromedia DreamWeaver.


I also had a mirror of this website in the now defunct Geocities account.

Back to 2009
That was a nostalgic journey. I am surprised to see how much design I was doing back then. I took a mental note to design more diverse stuff from now onwards.
So, what is your story? What was your first design? The below space for comments is all yours…