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"Tell me, what was your first…

A couple of days ago, I happen to read a blog post by Gavin Elliott: “Designers, what was your first piece of work?.” 24 designers speak about their first designs. Since I am not a celebrity, Gavin didn’t take the trouble of contacting me.
So today morning, I spent some hours digging through my back-up data in CDs and got some old stuff. For those who are interested, here is my story.
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Design – Recruitment Ads

Recruitment? In these troubled times? Well, don’t jump to draft an e-mail. I am talking about the making of recruitment press ads about two years ago.


The Premise
In 2007, the technology company, where I worked, was thinking about conducting a walk-in interview to attract new talent to fill in some positions. Handouts were to be printed and a newspaper advertisement must be given. I was approached to do the design. A couple of samples were given to me. I started my work.
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“Everything that has a beginning… needs a start!”

Right hand bottom corner of my screen shows 6:08AM IST, Wednesday, May 21, 2008. This is an auspicious time to start the first blog in my life. To be frank, a crude form of my blog has been a regular in my College Yahoo Groups since 2001. After getting so much ‘little’ attention and seldom replies or comments from my friends, the crude blog met with a silent death.

I want to win an Oscar some day. As on today, the Academy does not give away Oscars in Electronics Engineering. So, after serious and lazy thoughts, I have decided to become a designer. What designer, even I don’t know, only time can tell.
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