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Don’t Just Take Pictures, but Make Pictures – Product Photography

Guest Author

Urvesh @urveshdesigns

Urvesh Avinash Bharambe is a Product Designer from IISc Bangalore. He is a great photography enthusiast. Thanks to Urvesh for contributing this article. Urvesh is available in Twitter as @UrveshDesigns

Everyone loves to have control over the situation in which they are present. People like dictating their own terms. Same applies to the field of photography too. You wait for the perfect sunlight to come up, so that you can take beautiful portraits of your model, or you can have the soft diffused uniform light on the flowers and get the beautiful saturated colours out of them. People wait for that few minutes at the dusk or the dawn to get the flattering light that make the picturesque landscapes.
Centenary Guitar by Arunkumar Francis
Most of the time, light may not in your control; it’s in the hands of Mother Nature, unless you own a dozen of SB-900s that can turn the day-shot into a night-shot and vice versa. There is one realm of photography where it is not only important to have control over the light, but you have to depend on artificial source of light to have a creative control over what pops up on your LCD when you press the shutter of your camera.
Here I come up with one of my first encounters in this realm of photography called as Product Photography.
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Here is the secret to creativity… Reloaded

‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’
— Pablo Picasso (Later made popular by Steve Jobs)

These are some of the amazing sites that inspire you and shatter your (design) believes. This post features my favorite 23 sites under 6 categories. Subscription links are provided at the end of each section.

1. Ads Of The World
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