Smart Phone on 2 Wheels!

I’m happy that Ola Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd. is also launching a smart phone with MoveOS that can run on two wheels on any road! I know that it is a brave decision to include a touchscreen in any electric scooter as it doesn’t have the usual protection of a roof, just like a car.

I’m eagerly waiting for the release of test videos that show how the touchscreen display functions during wet, cold weather with water droplets on the surface. Or, during the summer heat that makes people’s fingers sweaty. If there are any hiccups, I’m sure the voice control feature will compensate for them. Ather Energy scooter disables the touch function as soon as the vehicle starts moving to avoid driver distractions.

My LinkedIn friend Subramanian Kalyan, who is waiting for the delivery of his brand new Ather electric scooter, has kindly offered to test the performance of the touchscreen under wet conditions. As soon as I get the details, I will be updating this post.

Changing the Interface

There was an interesting video by Marques Brownlee on the Yolk steering ‘wheel’ by Tesla. Some of his observations on the touch interface and instrument cluster are enlightening. Do take a look: