Praveen P Mohandas – How I Made That Shot

Praveen P Mohandas explains How I Made That Shot
Earlier we have featured an interview with the talented wild life photographer, Praveen P Mohandas. His works still amazes me to no end. His works are never an insane close up of an animal; rather they convey a sense of time and space. The image above is another example of his unique vision.


“The image was made at Kole Wetlands, Thrissur, Kerala. The image was taken just after sunset with the last glow of the sun in the sky. The birds were having their last feed of the day in a small irrigation canal from where they pump water for the fields. As the pumping progresses, the fish in the canal comes to the surface and whiskered terns and egrets come in large numbers to feed on then.”


“The image was made using a Canon 5d mk2 body and a 70-200mm f/4 is lens. As mentioned, there was only the last glow in the sky which was giving a low shutter speed reading. I made use of the low light to blur the birds in flight and the stationary bird gave the anchor in the image.”

Image Exif

Shutter speed : 1/10s
Aperture : f/32
ISO : 50
AV mode
Exposure Compensation : -0.67ev
Focal Lenght : 155mmm