Reflectors – Smaller the Better

Reflector 12Inch
The commonly available reflectors are of the size 30 inches. But I wanted a 12 Inch reflector. I was quizzed by a friend of mine as to why I was trying to buy a small reflector compared to the bigger ones.
I blurted out – easy to carry around. That raised many a number of questions.

Why a small one – in particular?

Reflector 12 Inch Comparison
[Left] 12 Inch reflector folded into a case [Right] 12 Inch reflector placed on top of 30 Inch reflector

One handed Operation

30 Inch reflectors are so huge that they need a dedicated person/support-devices to be useful. Also they are kind of heavy. So it easily tires out the person who is holding it for you.
12 Inch reflector allows one handed operation. It means that I can hold the camera in one hand and the reflector in other.

Very easy to carry

Both the reflectors fold into a small size. 30 Inch reflector cannot be put into all sorts of bag. It needs to be sufficiently big. Compared to this a 12 Inch reflector folds into smaller size that fits the palm of your hand.


A 30 Inch reflector comes with 5 features – Silver, Gold, White, Black and a diffuser panel. But for a 12 Inch panel, it has just 2 sides – silver and gold.

Price Point

30 Inch and 12 Inch reflector differ by about $2 in amazon.