Silence of The Bridge – How I made that shot

Silence of the Bridge - Ernakulam Bridge
Light trails always held a fascination to me. So when I bought a DSLR, the first thing I wanted to try was creating a light trail.


1. A bridge
2. Camera
3. Wide angle lens (I used my Tamron 18-250mm at its 18mm end)
4. Tripod
5. Courage


At that time I was living next to a bridge on Ernakulam Sea Port-Airport highway. So one night at about 10:00AM I packed my gear and went to the foot of the bridge carrying a torch.
It was a short walk in pitch darkness on a mud track. Because of the backwater, the night was punctuated with various creatures creating a melange of sounds.
Truth be told, I had my heart in my mouth!


I setup the camera on the tripod and chose f/11, ISO200 and 30 seconds. I put the Tamron 18-250mm lens to its widest at 18mm to cover the entire area of the bridge. Then I waited for some vehicles to enter the bridge so that a light trail will be created by their head and tail lamps.
Whenever a vehicle would come I would press the shutter button which was on timer mode set at 5 seconds. This was done to dispose off of any vibrations my hands would have caused.
The light cloud that you see on the far left corner is from a refinery nearby.