Solving the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter

Kitchen Knife and cutting board
[UpdateSolved the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter]
Every house hold starts with this setup. Although this is a cost effective unit, it doesn’t contribute much to reduce the time that it takes to chop the vegetables.
So you look on the internet for alternatives.

Nice Dicer PlusNicer Dicer Plus Vegetable Cutter and chopper

At first, this seems to be a good alternative. But this is no less physically challenging than the others. Check the video below.

Philips Salad Maker
I was pretty excited to discover this model which works on electricity. A costly apparatus, but the real problem with this model is (as you can see from the video review above) that the collection is not neat. There is a chance that the machine can leave vegetables pieces all over your kitchen floor.

Perfect Vegetable Cutter

So if the above model came with a neat collection mechanism, I would be more than happy to buy one.

Philips to the rescue

I don’t know how Philips works, but it sure looks like they create a product that lacks the simplest of the functionality and then goes ahead and make 3 useful product in the name of Philips HR 7627/00Philips HR 7628/00 and Philips HR 7629/90.
Philips Food Processors for vegetable cutting and chopping