Invention of the week – Oil Can for Kitchen

Oil Can using Pril - 02
Used Pril bottles double as an excellent container for keeping cooking oil. Not any Pril bottle can be used for this purpose. But only the ones that have the nozzle shown above. Bottles like these are not good for this use.


1. Flow Control

This nozzle can act as a regulator for controlling the flow of the oil. If the nozzle is fully pressed, no oil flows out. As you pull the nozzle up, it will start to let the oil flow when the can is inverted.
Oil Can using Pril - 01

2. Oil Level

Since the bottle is “see through”, the level of the oil can be easily monitored for refill.

I don’t have a Prill bottle, can you suggest an alternative?

Sure. You can use the red can shown below, If you are “beauty” conscious (like my wife) 😀
Oil Can using Pril - 03