Response – "How to Annoy a Photography Snob"

You may have seen this video. If not, go ahead and watch it. This article is centered around the points discussed in that video. Do you think that the points made deserve better discussion? I think they are excellent pointers to understanding photography better.

1. Using an ISO above 200

Low light? Think high ISO. But keep in mind what your camera body can really handle.

2. Having images that aren’t 100% sharp

Panning shots – aren’t they a beauty?

Panning shot - The ultimate example
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3. Not using a lens hood

Hood-less makes the camera compact (!) and makes you look less intimidating while on street photography.
But, hood, apart from reducing the glare of the sun, also protects your lens’ front from accidental banging against something while outdoors or on street or at camping.

James Nachtwey in action. Image Source –

4. Not using a camera strap

Straps keeps your hands free. Also if used right strap helps to stabilize the camera.

straphold for better camera support
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5. Using P mode on a DSLR

Start modest. For a newbie, “M” may be too much frustrating. It may dissuade him from indulging in the joy of photographing.

6. Changing lens in an unsatisfactory manner

The sensor is statically charged. So even when you are indoor, if there is some dust present in air, it can get attracted by the sensor when it is opened. So observing reasonable caution is advisable.

Change Lens carefully by Aby Mathew
Photo Credit Aby Mathew. Source

7. Using phones to take photos

A mobile camera is with you always and they keep getting better. So YES.

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8. Thinking that white balance can be used for artistic effect

Screwed-up white balance gives violet, blue tinges or red/orange tinges based on the white balance set. Sometimes it might look as an added effect which might look good only for newbies, but not to pros. But some people prefer warm effect for portraits and cool effect for landscapes.

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9. Having blown highlights

Blown out Highlights helps to isolate the subject – if used properly.

Highlight Creative Use
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10. Considering buying mirror-less camera

Still using film?

Sometimes it is okay to not take things to heart. What do you think of these points ? Please share your views in the comment section.