Tripod – I didn’t know I could do that!

This post is the first among the many to come in the future which features the “Aha!” moments involving photography. We are kicking off the series with a couple of “I didn’t know I could do that” features of camera tripods.
tripod orientation guide


Oft-Used orientation – Horizontal

Most of the times the tripod will be used to support the camera horizontally. Like this.
Use Tripod to hold camera horizontally

Vertical orientation

A camera can be placed to make a vertical orientation on the tripod. This orientation is useful when you want to take photos in portrait orientation.
Vertical orientation in a tripod - How to

Sky-face orientation

It is possible to make the camera face upwards using the same tripod. Here is how to do it.
Fix camera vertically up - how to

Click to see a high resolution version of this photo

Also you can achieve this orientation with out rotating the moving flap of the tripod. It is by mounting the camera reversely like shown below.
Pointing camera vertically up - How to
I don’t know how often you would want these orientations, but it is always good to know. Aint it?