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Bokehlicious Smile – How I made that shot

Remember the article – The sweet angle? This shot was taken keeping those learnings in mind.


The building opposite was in celebration – a lot of colored light bulbs decorated the entire building. Once the sun went down, the lights created a melange of colors.


1. A patient wife
2. Camera
3. External Flash unit
4. Small wall mounted mirror
5. A building decorated with color bulbs for creating the bokeh
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Tutorial – Photographing Full Moon – A newbie Guide

Urvesh Lunar Eclipse
I have always been amazed by the fantastic pictures of moon taken by my friends, like the one shown above. Whenever I see a full moon while walking back to my room after office hours, I used to curse myself for not taking my camera along. After a couple of misses, I was waiting for my next chance. Next time, oh, the next time I made sure I clicked one (As a matter of fact, many). This post is about this attempt and the lessons learned thereby.


A moon!
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Photography Art and Craft

Guest Author

Ashveen @ashmec

Ashveen Maheshwari is a Product Designer from IISc Bangalore. He is a great photography enthusiast. Thanks to Ashveen for contributing this article. He is available in Twitter as @ashmec

Many people I know are worried that they don’t have a good camera. To be precise, any camera is not a limitation. Photographers such as Terry Richardson (a well known fashion photographer) have made their career starting with cameras no better than a Kodak KB10. Great photography is not limited by the instruments at your disposal. Instruments do give you more options, but that is no limit for an artist’s imagination.

Leaf in water, reflection of sky by Ashveen

Photography: An art or craft?

When photography was started in late 1800s, it was not considered as an art form. By and large it was thought as a craft. Photographs were not even considered to get a place in art museums. Eventually, after a long series of efforts by artists, it got its place and was regarded as an art form.
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