Tutorial – Portfolio Design

“How can I make a good portfolio?”
A designer cannot survive without a portfolio. I decided to do an exploration in internet to find an answer to the above question. After several days of burning the midnight oil, I found many resources in web.
I compiled them neatly and made a presentation file.
On 30-March-2009, I presented ‘PORTFOLIO – A Quick Start Guide’ to my friends at CPDM. The main presentation took 30 minutes to finish. An informative discussion followed and some interesting ideas came up.
You can download the presentation ‘PORTFOLIO – A Quick Start Guide’ from here (PDF, 1.98MB).
All the websites I referred are acknowledged in the presentation. The copyright of the text and images rests with the original owners. Thank you.
I hope that this Quick Start Guide will be helpful to you.
Software: Microsoft PowerPoint, Photoshop, GIMP
Design Dates:
Presentation — 23-March-2009
Promotional Poster — 24-March-2009

2 thoughts on “Tutorial – Portfolio Design

  1. Hi,
    Sorry to bother you out of the blue like this, but I’m really confused and don’t know whom to ask. Since you’d already answered questions like this, I thought I’d try reaching out.
    I’ve done a B.E (Mechanical Engg) and have been working 4+ years in various fields and am currently in Digital Advertising (Google AdWords). I’m thinking of pursuing design as a career.
    Now I know this sounds silly, but apart from occasional sketching, I’ve not had any exposure to design. I’ve just started with the basics such as typography, design thinking etc, and am gearing up towards preparing for CEED 2017.
    I wanted to know:
    1) If I stand a chance at admission, given that there will be people with years of experience in actual design projects competing
    2) Do I need an extensive expert portfolio for admission or will the examiners consider my lack of experience if I have sufficient grounding in the basics
    3) Can I apply for M.Des courses abroad?
    Sorry to bombard you like this, it would be a great favour if you could help me out or guide me to people who can help me.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sayan,
      Thanks for writing in.
      1. Yes, you have a chance. As I understand, the main question that was asked to an experienced candidates is “You already know all these. Then why are you coming here for M Des?”
      2. In my opinion, the evaluation is on how you understand a problem, analyse it and how you are solving it in your own way. More than the solution, you will be evaluated about the process that you adopted.
      3. Design India Yahoo Groups is a source for study/employment opportunities. Please take a membership there. Details: http://www.indidesign.in/designindia
      All the best!

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