Twitter Prank – April Fool

Tweets in invisible ink!


It was an instantaneous decision. I have done something similar in a webpage a couple of years back. But it didn’t see the light of the day.
Today morning, I realised that the date is 01-Apr-2009: April Fool’s day. I suddenly remembered my old prank and decided to re-do it in Twitter.
I went to the settings of our twitter account, changed all the colors to white (#FFFFFF). The background image was modified to a plain ‘Ha! Where did all my tweets go?’ in blue color. A couple of hours later, as an afterthought, I changed the profile photo to a white square.
The message
And, what is the ‘invisible’ message? Press ‘Ctrl+A’ or click the menu ‘Edit-> Select All.’


If you can read this, today is NOT your day! This prank will be played in this account for the next 24 hours… #aprilfool Thanks!
The home page looks like this.


After selecting all…


OK, Then…
This setting will be reverted back soon.
This prank will not work for our followers as our Twitter Account settings cannot work on their accounts. Also, views from RSS feeds cannot be altered. The viewer has to visit our Twitter page to see the effect.
I don’t know how many people will visit the page and realize the effect. A dozen of my friends visited, I am sure.
Update on 03-Apr-2009
We reverted the settings of our Twitter account.  The link for the prank was:
Now, anybody can see the message!
Design Date: 01-Apr-2009