My tweets in August, 2010


  1. 2500 anodized aluminum bars of 1/2” thickness are used in a pixelated interpretation of the new Lexus by NonDesigns.
  2. Dangers of driving aggressively around commercial motor vehicles is best explained in this billboard ad. By Amélie Co.
  3. ‘Flying’ billboard for Mercedes-Benz SLS designed by BBDO.
  4. An advertising for the famous family game Pictionary made by O&M. Original, funny, creative and graphically impressive.
  5. Lobo created Panasonic Viera 3D Ads – Dino and Robot. Great idea!

Logo/Identity Design

  1. Barcamp Bangalore 9 logo competition: My entry is here —


  1. Take stunning wide angle photos using your camera phone. What you need is this:
  2. Photography rules are not laws. Here are some examples on how some of the rules are meant to be broken.

Print Design

  1. Time to start designing! Here’s a ’round’ 2011 Calendar from Russia.

Product Design

  1. “The lack of personality of the iPad has enabled people to create their own enclosures.” says Jonas Damon. His iPad TV:
  2. “Does a water sink need the ugly drainage hole?” A brilliant answer from Dallas Winspear.
  3. Google ‘Cooler Thinking’ cooler. This is for promotional purpose.
  4. A stylish water bottle made from Bamboo. It has a glass container for liquids. Designed by @BambooBottleCO.
  5. ‘The Gear Ring’ by @kinektdesign has a cool design and the gears actually turn!
  6. A water bottle that splits in the middle for easy cleaning. Great idea by @ALEX_bottle.
  7. Luminous mushrooms whose only magic lies in their ability to charm. Created by ‘Great Mushrooming.’
  8. Cardboard Mechanics mady by 4 students of the Utrecht School of Art and Technology.


  1. The Best Must-have Plugins for Google Chrome :


  1. Anamorphic typographic installation by two graphic design graduates. Nice idea.