My tweets in June, 2010


Two twelve-year-old basketball fans. A basketball star. An out-of-form New York based NBA team. The boys started an extra-ordinary campaign to convince the star to play for the team. They got the help of two family friends who are into marketing. The result: ‘LeBron Buttons.’
Read such interesting stories in my tweets of June…


  1. Billboards for the game ‘Alan Wake.’ , and by McLaren McCann, Toronto. Great!


  1. @DavidAirey gives 15 pieces of advice to those thinking of “going it alone.”

Logo/Identity Design

  1. If you could redesign any brand, which would it be? What organization is completely undersold by its logo? NASA?

Print Design

  1. Transforming traditional Business Cards in the funny & unusual object, a little box of transporting cargo air. By Y&R.
  2. A brilliant motivational calendar by the Brazil agency @DM9DDB. How do people come up with such ideas?

Product Design

  1. A clever little vase based on fun bendable straws designed by Hironao Tsuboi. Designer’s profile:
  2. Never miss the key hole in the dark. A brilliant idea by Junjie Zhang.
  3. A unique twin-chamber design that won redDot Design award 2010 – Ygrinder by DesignWright. (Link Dead)
  4. Designed by Hans Brockhage & Erwin Andra in 1950s, the “Schaukelwagen” can transform from a play car to a rocking chair.
  5. “LeBron buttons” – giant basketballs that can be pushed to register a vote:
  6. New LED technology in the form of light bulbs:


  1. A dozen Useful WordPress Plugins :