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How hard can it be to make a car advertisement of 30 seconds?

James May and Jeremy Clarkson are presenters of the popular BBC show ‘Top Gear.’ In season 13, episode 7, they try to make a TV Commercial (TVC) for the new car VW Scirocco TDi. They go through everything: understanding the brief, brainstorming, initial attempts, review of the films, rejection, another brainstorming, review of films, again rejection… It is fun to watch the creative process behind a TVC. Hilarious!


  • Online Piracy is killing your favourite artist. Advertising Agency: Publicis India



  • is an online magazine dedicated to modern design. Want to know how Design Milk got its name?

Logo/Identity Design



  • ‘Some pointers for better photography’ written by @ashmec for the 2nd Anniversary of
  • ‘Don’t Just Take Pictures, but Make Pictures’ written by @UrveshDesigns for the 2nd Anniversary of

Print Design

Product Design

  • People have a 6th sense for knowing when someone’s taking their photo. For unposed shots, use this Super-Secret Spy Lens!
  • “A simple and little idea of packing for honey. We tried to treat jar as a playground for a character design.”
  • Cafe table design inspired by the beautiful fireflies in the garden on summer nights by @VukDragovic.
  • Interesting trophies for the Better Housing Coalition’s Groundbreaker Awards event created by Noah Scalin (@alrdesign)


  • ‘Here is the secret to creativity… Reloaded’ written by @aneesKa for the 2nd Anniversary of
  • RT @gosquared: Liked our VI Editor Help Sheet? Get it as a wallpaper thanks to @aneeska:
  • 7 Essential Tips to keep in mind while writing a post in wordpress :

Web Design

  • Creative & cool! Enter a Twitter username to watch an animated “parade” of their followers marching, dancing & tweeting.