18 thoughts on “Design – Logo for CyberPark Kozhikode

  1. I totally empathize with you on this Anas and I feel the concerned authorities should apologize and duly give the credits to you for the design. Its another alarm to all those creatives who participate in such design contests to be aware of the fact that their designs can be stolen without the creators knowledge. Also there were quite a few discussions going around some time back in a couple of design forums about the IP and Design rights issues related with such contests. Many contests blatantly claim that all creative work whether selected or not will become the organisers/competitions owners rightful property once submitted and can be used however and wherever they like and that the designers will no longer have any creative rights over it. And most of the ‘ignorant’ us give our consent to such competitions rules without even reading the fine lines leave alone reading between the fine-lines.
    All the best though! Hope justice is done.
    Best regards,

  2. Take it up with some IP guys. of course you all mails and source files along with original inspirations or sketches

  3. I am happy that your work was selected. The juncture of the career you are at and the kind of person you are, I would suggest not to get into the legal course.
    This is an opportunity to make some good contacts with and possibly more contracts from the government agency.
    Best wishes.

  4. Anaskka,
    Don’t leave them like that. You must get the credit. Pursue them till you get the proper credit. I feel proud of you!

  5. Anas,
    If you know any channel operators in the malabar
    area, give them the news. And, the rest will be taken care of.

  6. Dear Friends,
    Thank you for your support.
    Before taking any drastic step, I feel that I should give the officials of CyberPark a chance to rectify the mistake. So far I contacted two officials of CyberPark. They appear to be supportive and promised me that they will take necessary action.
    I am waiting…
    — antzFx | AnasKA

  7. It’s exactly two weeks today since this goof-up was discovered. Any further mail or communication from them?
    If they have agreed and accepted that the logo is the one submitted by you, then why is it taking so long for them to neutralize the issue and give due credits and remuneration to you. (Agreed that it is a government entity and the workflow will be slow!)
    Don’t worry AnasKA, we will join hands together to take this further to online forums and blogs, if they are not taking any action. Let us hope that everything settles down and we don’t need to resort to this step.
    This is a lesson for me too, AnasKA.
    ~Urvesh A. Bharambe

  8. Its bad they did so and you can expect this kind of treatment from Govt authorities, it is common.
    But I should say it is a substandard logo. We needed better ones.

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