Design — T-shirt Calendar 2011

A creative calendar for 2011

Recently, I posted the news of my new 2011 Calendars (‘Green’ and ‘Flowers’) in the DesiCreative Forum (A popular Indian Advertising Forum). A good discussion followed about the design merits of these calendars. Although I never claimed that the designs are unique and creative, these were brought up by a couple of people. This made me to ask myself: “Can I design a creative Calendar with a ‘Wow!’ effect?”

And then…

After some hours, I came up with this unique and creative 2011 calendar.

Calendar 2011 Tshirt

The Idea

  • Only one month will be printed on a T-shirt. So one needs to buy the full 12-sets for a year.
  • Since the calendar on the T-shirt is for the owner’s use, it is printed by rotating the calendar 180 degrees.
  • The calendar is printed in perspective for easy reading.
    Do you remember the brand names painted on a cricket ground? They are painted in a distorted perspective view so that the strategically placed TV cameras can show them in correct proportions.
  • If you feel that you won’t be able to read the calendar on your T-shirt, then opt for the ‘horizontally flipped’ or mirrored version. Here, you have to use the make-up mirror in your vanity bag.

What do you think about this ‘perspective printed/flipped printed, self-reading’ idea? I love to hear your thoughts.

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Image Credits

Piotr Bizior for ‘Business Superman.’
Armas Hundรฉn for ‘Blank Tee Photo.’


Update 14-Dec-2010

Following websites have graciously featured this t-shirt calendar as one of the creative calendars of 2011. Thank you guys!