My tweets in March, 2010

antzfx twitter march 2010

Whenever I find a relevant and interesting design related links, I tweet them so that I can refer to them later. Recently when I had to look for a particular tweet that I’m sure I did, I spent some time in doing a search in Twitter. I didn’t get any satisfactory results, so I went to my Twitter page and pressed the ‘more’ button many times and finally I fished out the link.
To make matters easy, I am going to archive my tweets at the end of every month in this blog. I will be grouping them under headings for easy retrieval.

Following are my tweets @antzFx in March, 2010.


  1. Today we are going to see some of the coolest and newest car ads of the world. Compiled by @ConceptDzain


  1. March 2007: Jacob Melvin is worried about graduating. Today he is a technical director for DreamWorks Animation. How?

Logo/Identity Design

  1. A Steve Jobs presentation has all the elements of a great movie. Read “Steve Jobs’ Presentation Secrets” at
  2. One of the great ways to add an impressive style to a #logo is to use Negative Space. See these 30 great Logo Designs.

Print Design

  1. Smiley: An interesting business card designed by Driv.
  2. Better run!
  3. Explosive colors; excellent poster design by Danil Krivoruchko.
  4. A unique, personalized & custom made wedding invitation card adds to the joy of the occasion. Written by @abdussalam123

Product Design

  1. Industrial design student Andrew Kim’s (@designfabulous) Coke bottle redesign is beautiful and a smart use of space.
  2. Liked this! Furniture by Anthony Dan are flat packs, temporary structures made from recycled and recyclable material.


  1. “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” But I’m revealing:

Web Design

  1. Children and you will like it! Bembo’s Zoo #Typography
  2. Xtra minimalism! Just saw Read more about the useful application here:
  3. Hilarious! ‘How a web design goes straight to hell’ Created by @oatmeal