Teaser Campaign – Puzzles

“Wow! Looks good!” With this thought, I tossed the paper box into my bag.


I was waiting in the hospital to see an ENT doctor for an hour. Absent minded, I picked up a three fold promotional leaflet of a Cell phone company. I started playing with it by folding and re-folding the ends. After some 30 minutes, I got a neat box in my hand. I tossed the paper box into my bag and soon I forgot about it.

After a few days, my brother informed me that the company where he works is conducting a jigsaw puzzle competition and they are in need of a teaser campaign to maximize employee participation. My brother is a software engineer and I have seen many of them in my life. I asked myself “What will make a software guy to come out and participate in a puzzle competition?”

The box. I mean, the Cube.

That is the answer.

On one fine morning, when you arrive at your workplace, you see a Rubik’s Cube sitting next to the mouse pad.


On taking it into your hand, you find that it is made up of folded paper and the base is open. This makes you to open and see what is inside. There is a text written in the middle: “Congrats! You cleared Level 1! Explore further…” Your curiosity is aroused and as you unfold the paper, you start seeing words and sentences announcing the coming of a Puzzle Competition.

This paper cube is made entirely by folding an A4 size sheet. No cutting, no glue, no stapler pins… One side of the paper has a pattern of Rubik’s Cube. The shaded portions inside the paper are not visible at first and that’s where we write the ‘Puzzle News.’


This is the folding detail of the A4 sheet to make a Cube of side 7cm approximately.


All Red lines are folds away from you. All Blue lines are folds towards you.

So, a visit to the doctor resulted in a good advertising campaign. Thank you.

Design date: 02-June-2008