A dozen sites for Photography Inspiration – Part 1

1. Cambridge In Color
This site should have been named “Photography for dummies”. The tutorials are structured in such a way that even the toughest technology is a breeze to understand.

2. Digital Photography School
Digital Photography Tips  Digital Photography School
DPS ( as it is affectionately called ) is a great site for learning digital photography tips. Whats nice about them is that they have got pros writing articles which are excellent guides for a newbie.

3. 1x.com
The idea of 1x.com is to create a collection of the most beautiful photos in the world. And they are pretty serious about it.

4. Stuck In Customs
Stuck In Customs HDR Photography
A daily dose of HDR photography done by Trey Ratcliff. Excellent site for HDR inspiration.

5. HDRPhotog.com
HDRPhotog.com is A High Dynamic Range Photography Collaborative Blog where HDR Photographers contribute their new photographs to share with the world.

6. The Big Picture
The Big Picture - Boston
An excellent site for drawing inspiration from the best in the business of photo journalism.

7. DIY Photography
DIYPhotography.net (or DIYP in short) is a place dedicated to photography lovers. It teaches you how to take great pictures, and do so without breaking your bank account. Discussions on photography technique, share a ton of tips, and explore creative and cheap alternatives to expensive studio gear happen in the site.

8. Ben Neumann Photography
Ben Neumann Photography Blog
This is a blog of  Ben Neumann, a nature photographer. He captures the breathtaking views of California.

9. Advanced Photography
Photography Tips  Photography Tips From A Professional Photographer
Advanced Photography is a website with photography tips for beginners and pros. Professional photographers may find that some of the articles written here are a little basic while others may find certain articles somewhat advanced. However this site is a blend of tips for starters, intermediate photographers and the professionals alike.

10. Chromasia
An excellent site to understand fine art and commercial photography.

11. Unified Photography
Unified Photography
A photo blog launched by Ken Snyder to share and collaborate with all who have a mutual excitement for creative digital photography.

12. The Sartorialist
The Sartorialist
“The Sartorialist” is a fashion blog by Scott Schuman in New York. The blog showcases pictures of people who had dressed in some way that caught his eye.