YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe Right Now!

A big chunk of time I spend online is on social media like Reddit, Twitter and YouTube. Very rarely I login to LinkedIn and I’m virtually absent on Facebook and Instagram. I used to stay away from subscribing YouTube channels. During the pandemic shutdown, I have changed that policy and right now I have almost 80 channels under the ‘Subscription’ tab.

Today, I’m publishing the list of all those channels and I’m sure that this will be helpful for you. I will keep this post updated to reflect my future changes in subscriptions. (Last updated: June, 2023)

18 Notable Videos I Recommend from the Below List of ~80 Channels You Should Subscribe

If I’m asked to recommend one video — only one video — as an introduction to YouTube creators listed below, here are some samples. Please note that these videos might not accurately represent the usual content of the respective YouTube channels.

Personally, I really like these 18 outstanding video nuggets embedded below.

FHIL Design Thinking Video in ‘Oxenfree Film & Motion’ Vimeo Channel (Originally uploaded in ‘Simon Doolittle‘ YouTube Channel — defunct now)
Reflecting on the Color of My Skin | Marques Brownlee MKBHD
What I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger | Veritasium by Derek Muller
I’m worried about humanity’s future. | MrWhoseTheBoss by Arun Maini
3 Designers Pitch A Sales Expert–Results Are Hilarious 😂 | The Futur by Chris Do
How I Learn as a Business Student – My FAVOURITE Assignment EVER! | Samuel Suresh
I Flew 18,000 Kilometers to Meet the President! | Drew Binsky
96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020 | Yes Theory by Thomas Brag
Tensegrity Explained | Steve Mould
Homemade Off Road Electric Wheelchair – She had NO Idea! | JerryRigEverything by Zack Nelson
The Backwards Brain Bicycle | SmarterEveryDay by Destin Sandlin
Day in the Life of a Japanese Politician | Paolo fromTOKYO
Trying to present a video with James May | Lucy at DriveTribe by Lucy Brown
I’ve been Laid off. My Idea for A TINY HOUSE CABIN Business & My Build so far. | Ep 1 | Jacob Harrell
After Learning to Code at 81, She Made a Game for Fellow Seniors | Great Big Story
The title of this video should change with the view count. Works well in the browser than the YouTube app where the view count is rounded off | Tom Scott
Use Headphones now to hear this! The Restoration Comparison — Before & After Remastering | The Mastering Project by Sreejesh Nair
Jal Pari | Atif Aslam | Season 2 | Rohail Hyatt — Old episodes of Coke Studio

YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe Now!


  1. NNgroup by Nielsen Norman Group (UX Research)
  2. Google Career Certificates (UX)
  3. Service Design Show by Marc Fonteijn (Service Design)
  4. Brian Lovin Channel by Brian Lovin (UX, Product Design)
  5. Saptarshi Prakash Channel by Saptarshi Prakash (UX, Product Design)
  6. Samuel Suresh Channel by Samuel Suresh (Digital Note Taking)
  7. James Julier Art Tutorials Channel by James Julier (Digital Painting)
  8. Halfool by José Torre (Digital Drawing)
  9. The Futur by Chris Do (Media Design)
  10. ByDesign TV (Product and Service Design)
  11. Designex Studio (Design Mentoring)
  12. Design Milk (Art, architecture, interior design, fashion)
  13. Design Theory by John Mauriello (Industrial Design)
  14. Adam Savage’s Tested (Building and Fabrication)
  15. Jared Owen (3D Animation)
  16. Corridor Crew (Film Digital Effects)
  17. Visualize Value (Infographics)
  18. Westaur Leather Goods by Filip (Product Design)
  19. NIKS UIUX by Gajendra Singh Rathore (Adobe XD)
  20. Simon Doolittle of FHIL; Florida Hospital Innovation Lab (Design Thinking) — defunct now; design thinking videos are removed from the channel

Science & Technology

  1. Marques Brownlee — MKBHD Channel by Marques Brownlee (Tech Reviews)
  2. The Studio (Behind the Scenes from MKBHD Studio)
  3. WVFRM Podcast by Marques Brownlee (Tech News)
  4. Veritasium by Derek Muller (Science)
  5. John Fish (Harvard Computer Science Student)
  6. Kai W Channel by Kaiman Wong (Photography Tech)
  7. BigCliveDotCom (Electronics)
  8. Arduino (Electronics)
  9. MrWhoseTheBoss by Arun Maini (Tech Reviews)
  10. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell (Science)
  11. SmarterEveryDay by Destin Sandlin (Science)
  12. Steve Mould Channel by Steve Mould (Science)
  13. Tom Scott Channel by Tom Scott (Science)
  14. Joma Tech Channel by Jonathan Ma (Programming)
  15. Recall by Dataiku (Data Science)
  16. JerryRigEverything by Zack Nelson (Tech Reviews)
  17. LockPickingLawyer (Security Devices Review)
  18. DriveTribe (Automotive)
  19. Brick Experiment Channel (DIY)
  20. Cleo Abram Channel by Cleo Abram (Tech Explainers)
  21. Mike DriveTribe by Mike Fernie (Automotive)
  22. Lucy at DriveTribe by Lucy Brown (Automotive, Food)

Travel & Culture

  1. Vox (Culture)
  2. BBC Reel (Culture)
  3. Great Big Story (Culture)
  4. British Pathé (History)
  5. NASS (Video Restoration)
  6. Tom Scott plus Channel by Tom Scott (Travel, Culture)
  7. Lateral with Tom Scott by Tom Scott (Trivia)
  8. The Technical Difficulties by Tom Scott, Matt Gray, Gary Brannan and Chris Joel (Travel, Culture)
  9. Joma in NYC by Jonathan Ma (Culture)
  10. Paolo fromTOKYO by Paolo, Maiko and Wolfy (Culture)
  11. warikoo by Ankur Warikoo (Money)
  12. Drew Binsky Channel by Drew Binsky (Travel)
  13. Roots of Humanity by Drew Binsky (Travel)
  14. Yes Theory by Ammar Kandil, Thomas Brag and Matt Dajer (Travel)
  15. Seek Discomfort by Yes Theory (Travel)
  16. Jacob Harrell Channel by Jacob Harrell (Architecture, Travel)
  17. The Sound Traveler by Destin Sandlin (Travel)
  18. Babish Culinary Universe by Andrew Rea — renamed ‘Binging With Babish’ channel (Food)
  19. What Next? — renamed ‘FoodTribe’ channel (Food)
  20. Jay Shetty Podcast by Jay Shetty (Motivation, Wisdom)
  21. Spark Stories — Content in Malayalam language (Entrepreneurship)
  22. Wonderwall Media — Content in Malayalam language (Culture)
  23. Akashvani Kochi FM — Content in Malayalam language (Culture)


  1. The Mastering Project by Sreejesh Nair (Remastered Music — headphones are a must!)
  2. Coke Studio (Music)
  3. Rohail Hyatt — Old episodes of Coke Studio (Music)
  4. Neon NiteClub (Music)
  5. Teddy Swims (Music)
  6. Ben Rector (Music)
  7. O2india (A R Rahman Documentary)
  8. Allie Sherlock (Album Covers)
  9. Karolina Protsenko Violin (Album Covers)
  10. Lotus Sessions (Album Covers)
  11. VIDEO HITS (Music Videos)
  12. Today FM (Radio)
  13. coffee shop radio // 24/7 lofi hip-hop beats (Radio)
  14. Kaapi Channel by Kaviprasad — Content in Malayalam language (Music)
  15. MB Home Studio (Album Covers)

Help Me to Grow This List

Did I miss any popular YouTube channels or your favorite ones? Comment below so that I can look at them…