Kurzgesagt Chimp holding Easter Eggs!

Kurzgesagt Chimp wearing a magician's hat and holding a bowling ball
Kurzgesagt Chimp wearing a magician’s hat and holding a bowling ball appears during the intro

It is no secret that Kurzgesagt is one of my favorite Science and Technology YouTube channels and I have been following their work for years. Whenever a new video is published on the channel, the very first thing I rush to see is the latest ‘Easter Egg’ held by the chimp. The object changes in every video and it appears just for a split second during the intro(duction) animation! You blink, you miss!

Easter Egg? What is that?

An Easter egg is a message, image, or feature hidden in software, a video game, a film, or another, usually electronic, medium.


The intro animation of all Kurzgesagt YouTube videos are identical, except for the one object in the chimp’s hand. The object is always relevant to that particular video and as the video starts, I love to take a note of it!

Today I spent some time to look at all the objects held by the chimp in the last 24 Kurzgesagt videos. I took screenshots of all 24 of them and then stitched together my own ‘fan-supercut-Kurzgesagt-intro-video!’ Here it is…

A ‘fan-supercut-Kurzgesagt-intro-video’ by me using 24 screenshots of the objects appearing with our chimp

Free music used in this video: “Abstract Science” by Coma-Media from Pixabay

24 Easter Eggs

24 Easter Eggs from the last 24 videos (in no particular order). Click here or on the image for a larger preview.

These are the 24 objects held by the chimp from the last 24 videos (in no particular order).

  1. A steaming coffee in a duck mug sold by Kurzgesagt —
    from “We Lied to You… And We’ll Do it Again!”
  2. A miniature cow —
    from “Is Meat Really that Bad?”
  3. Sandwich —
    from “You Are Immune Against Every Disease”
  4. Hotdog —
    from “How The Immune System ACTUALLY Works – IMMUNE”
  5. A coin toss —
    from “The Largest Black Hole in the Universe – Size Comparison”
  6. A miniature pyramid —
    from “How To Terraform Venus (Quickly)”
  7. Donut? Meteor? —
    from “The Day the Dinosaurs Died – Minute by Minute”
  8. Life! —
    from “What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End”
  9. Popcorn —
    from “TRUE Limits Of Humanity – The Final Border We Will Never Cross”
  10. Lava lamp —
    from “What Happens if a Supervolcano Blows Up?”
  11. Two blades of grass —
    from “Let’s Travel to The Most Extreme Place in The Universe”
  12. An aquila of ancient Rome —
    from “Is Civilization on the Brink of Collapse?”
  13. Virus —
    from “This Virus Shouldn’t Exist (But it Does)”
  14. A Dinosaur Feather —
    from “What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?”
  15. A drink (mocktail?) —
    from “Can YOU Fix Climate Change?”
  16. An insect fossil —
    from “Are There Lost Alien Civilizations in Our Past?”
  17. Magician’s hat and bowling ball —
    from “What Happens if the Moon Crashes into Earth?”
  18. A frog —
    from “Why We Should NOT Look For Aliens – The Dark Forest”
  19. Another frog! —
    from “You Are Not Where You Think You Are”
  20. A pair of fins (scuba diving gear) —
    from “The Most Horrible Parasite: Brain Eating Amoeba”
  21. Rubber ducky —
    from “We WILL Fix Climate Change!”
  22. A glass of water —
    from “The Deadliest Virus on Earth”
  23. A cube —
    from “The Last Human – A Glimpse Into The Far Future”
  24. A habit journal sold by Kurzgesagt —
    from “Change Your Life – One Tiny Step at a Time”

Dear Kurzgesagt Creators,
if you are reading this, be proud of the attention to details you bring to your work! We are waiting eagerly for the drop of your next video so that we can play our little game of ‘Easter Egg hunting!’


UPDATE 24-OCT-2022

Exactly 24 hours ago, I posted about these 24 Easter Eggs in Reddit. I never imagined that it will blow up like this! As of now, this post has garnered 1.1K upvotes (99% upvote rate) and 40.9K total views in r/kurzgesagt subreddit.

r/kurzgesagt; u/antzfx: Kurzgesagt Chimp holding the latest 24 Easter Eggs

People are kind!