designLAB Welcome Guide

I first noticed Michael Lebowitz of NY based studio ‘Big Spaceship‘ SPCSHP probably in 2008, while watching his interview by Lynda of I was amazed by his team and their achievements. I was determined to work in a studio like ‘Big Spaceship‘ SPCSHP when I ‘grow up!’ Over the years, I kept a tab on them and recently I stumbled on to their ‘Culture’ Manual aimed at current and prospective employees. I thought, “Wow, I should copy this!” I immediately forwarded this file to some of my colleagues at designLAB.

Welcoming new designers

We created a welcome guide for the new recruits to our designLAB (PDF 255KB). This document was sent to them in WhatsApp so that they can read this beforehand and come to designLAB on ‘day one’ with the right expectations. Here are nine pages from the 10-page-document.

A page featuring the contact details of mentors in designLAB is removed to protect their privacy.

Onboarding Designers

If you are working in a design agency/creative studio, how are you on-boarding new talent on the first day of their career with you?


Kartik helped me on the content and tone of voice.

Inspired from the Manual on Culture (2019; updated in 2021) published by Big Spaceship SPCSHP, NY.