3 thoughts on “Design — Logo for Gubbi Labs

  1. Its Pretty! But I think the sparrow could be simplified and so the fonts. Bauhas is a age old font. Anything from the non-serif like the Helveticas or Univers would have still worked

  2. Very nice evolution of thought as well.
    Personally, I liked your choice of font. Lovely the colour combo too. Initially, I too thought the bird could be simplified. So I zoomed out my screen to 20% – and guess which bird clearly looked like a sparrow even in that size? Yes, the last one.
    But that said, I somehow feel you could trim a micron or two from the bird… Doesn’t its silhouette look a liiiittle too plump?
    But really, good stuff.

  3. nice thought, the font has added to the beauty of the sparrow. i think the sparrow can be made to look more natural.

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