Ripples 2011 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

“Ripples” is the annual design expo at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. It is a showcase of the innovative ideas that are conceived and actualized as products by the students of Product Design and Engineering, as part of their Masters in Design (M.Des.) program.

ripples invitation 2011

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Ripples 2011 is happening on 08th and 09th of July (Friday and Saturday).

The speakers in Ripples 2011 are:

  • Mr. Jagannath Raju, Director & Co-founder of Systemantics, a robotics company.
  • Dr. Suresh Nagesh, Managing Director of Voith India Ltd., a Mechanical Engineering conglomerate.
  • Mr. Tassin Hubert, Automobile Designer at Pininfarina, Italy.
  • Mr. Jayant Karve, Product Designer specialized in medical equipment design.

We invite you to visit IISc and Ripples. Enjoy!

Update: 09-July

Ripples 2011 was a huge success. The student organizers did a fantastic job!
Read this newspaper report on Ripples 2011. Deccan Herald: IISc students’ designs cause ‘ripples’
Here are some photos of yours AnaskA truly attending the function on 08th July. Photos are courtesy of Mahesh C Menon.
iisc ripples 2011
Pramod Khadilkar, AnasKA, Himanshu Chaman, Tojo Thomas and Manoj Mahala.

iisc ripples 2011
Prof. J E Diwakar and AnasKA

iisc ripples 2011
Saleem Ahamed Sir and AnasKA

iisc ripples 2011
Himanshu Chaman and AnasKA

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