Design — Calendar 2010

This year’s calendar has a carton box type corrugated paper board look. The graphic used in this design are from the Custom shape tool library of Photoshop.

Design Thoughts
All of us use computers for personal and professional work. My desktop is always messy and I never tamper with the position of taskbar. All the icons or files tend to be on the left side of the screen. So, the calendar wallpaper should not have any numerals on that ‘forbidden’ area. Also, there should be ample space at the bottom to accommodate the taskbar. At the moment, I have not tested the wallpapers in a Linux machine, but I hope that a taskbar at the top may not be hindering the calendar. A graphic can cover the rest of the space with a nice tagline.

  1. Main Graphic: The graphic used in this design are from the Custom shape tool library of Photoshop. It is on a separate layer and I have tried to attain an effect of the top layer being carved off from the corrugated sheet.
  2. Highlighted month: A fluorescent green and red highlighter marking is achieved on the name and Saturdays & Sundays by using an ‘Overlay’ layer effect.
  3. Caption: Most of the captions are from the 2002 song ‘Here I am’ by Brian Adams (OST: ‘Spirit: The Stallion of Cimarron’). The font used is ‘Two turtle doves.’
  4. The coming month: The font used is ‘Two turtle doves.’

Some people liked the calendar, some others don’t. One comment I received was about using an image of corrugated card board rather than printing on an actual corrugated sheet. The design was also criticized for not having a central idea. All such comments helped me in planning for a better design next year. More opinions from ad professionals about this calendar design can be read here.
All the sheets feature the image ‘Wavy paperboard’ by Pavel Klaus from Chomutov, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic.

Download the whole Calendar (ZIP, 5.20MB) »

January 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 448KB)»

February 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 454KB)»

March 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 454KB) »

April 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 452B) »

May 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 453KB) »

June 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 442KB) »

July 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 456KB) »

August 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 457KB) »

September 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 449KB) »

October 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 441KB) »

November 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 453KB) »

December 2010 Download (JPG, 1920X1200, 461KB) »

Dear Reader, Thank you very much for your time and I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!
Photo of the printed calendar on grass: Urvesh Bharambe
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Design date: 26-Dec-2009