"If all you have is a hammer…" From MobileSparks 2015

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!
Law of the instrument
(Narrated by Sahil Kini of Aspada at MobileSparks 2015)

MobileSparks is YourStory’s conference on mobile. The 2015 edition happened in Bengaluru on August 7th and 8th. Yours truly attended this conference.
I would like to share some quips I picked up during the event. I have created the following from my notes. The words may not be the exact ones uttered by the attributed persons. But I think I have succeeded in retaining the spirit.
_0014_urban ladder _0013_freshdesk _0012_Inmobi _0011_Matrix _0010_saran _0009_flipkart _0008_practo _0007_snapdeal _0006_Xiomi _0005_Madhouse _0004_grofers _0003_SAIF _0002_Airloyal _0001_Google _0000_Aspada

Anas KA | antzFx at Your Story MobileSparks 2015

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