Use CD/DVD cover to create an album

I did a casual shoot of a beautiful couple last week. While brainstorming for an idea to present the photos as an album in a unique and cost effective way, I got the idea of a DVD album with a beautifully printed cover art.

 CD cover or DVD cover?

cd dvd height comparison
That is an interesting question. You can use any. The dimensions are identical except for the height of the container. A DVD cover is thicker than a CD cover; meaning that the depth of the DVD cover is more. So you can place more number of pictures on the DVD cover than on the CD cover.


The dimensions of the photo to fit in to the CD/DVD cover are 13.8cm X 11.8cm. To download a blank PSD file of the mentioned dimension, click here.


If photos are printed on 300 matt paper, about 20 can fit in to a DVD cover. One thing to note is that it is better to laminate the photos to prevent them from getting scratches.