My tweets in July, 2010


  1. Mini Countryman Billboard at Milan. See the creativity yourself.

Logo/Identity Design

  1. A chameleon like dynamic identity. Seed Media Group branding by Sagmeister.


  1. Cool photo series by Linda Lundgren features different food products organized by their color.

Product Design

  1. Oh, the nostalgia! Designer Shira Nahon designed 5 classic toy weapons branded as ‘Piu Piu.’
  2. ‘While you sleep’ 3D printed keys by Oscar Diaz Studio.
  3. A cute idea from Havaianas:
  4. ‘I Lock You’ device. Simple but useful idea!
  5. Wattson measure the electricity coming into home and displays you in cost how much electricity is being used. Cool!


  1. A Collection of Image Gallery Plugins from Around the Web: