Design – Tshirt for CPDM

antzFxdesign6a black

I am in love…
The department where I study design in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is CPDM – Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing. To brand this relatively unknown department, my friend Pankaj initiated a T-shirt design competition in March, 2009. Almost all the students in my batch took part in this. The best design is selected by voting among ourselves. One of my six designs – ‘I am in love…’ — won the maximum votes and subsequently 30 T-shirts were printed and distributed on the 1st of October.

The alphabet ‘M’ in the department name ‘CPDM’ is modified to resemble a heart or love symbol. Using appropriate color coding, the message can be read in two ways. It can be either ‘I am in CPDM’ or ‘I am in love with design.’

Originally, I wanted this graphic to appear above the heart of a person when he wears the T-shirt. Some of my friends decided that the graphic should be bigger and so it got printed on the rear side of the T-shirt. The front side of the T-shirt has the following words: ‘Student of Product Design, CPDM.’


Pankaj Upadhyay (The organizer) and yours truly (The winner)

The other five
Here are my other five design submissions, in no particular order:


antzFxdesign1a black

Could you recognize a ‘cpdm?’ ‘Ripples’ is the name of the Annual Design Degree Show in our department.

antzFxdesign2a black


antzFxdesign3a black


antzFxdesign4a black

‘U’ r here!

antzFxdesign5a black

Department Building

Software: Adobe Illustrator
Design Dates: 08 to 28-Mar-2009
T-shirt released on: 01-Oct-2009