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Giveaway – Export WordPress Media Library files using downml plugin

It is indeed true they say that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. When the opportunity came knocking, I took it for a ride!


I was looking for a way to download all the pictures that I have published at clickography. Since the Export option of wordpress didn’t allow the users to export contents of media library, I took to googling searching for a plugin that will do the job. When I couldn’t find it, I went ahead and wrote one.

downall – Download Media Library : A wordpress plugin

To download and install the plugin, please follow the instructions listed below.
1. Download and install the plugin from here. (version 0.3)
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A Dozen Apps for Ubuntu Users

Ubuntu Logo

I am a big fan of wubi. No other distro but Ubuntu supports installing a linux OS inside windows. So I find myself shift+delete-ing Ubuntu installation once a new one arrives. Over the years, I’ve narrowed down a dozen apps I find installing immediately after the OS itself. This post introduces my favorite (and useful) dozen.

Hamster Time Tracker

hamster time tracker

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In Search Of the Best Google Chrome Plugins

The best always stands out in the crowd.

chrome extensions logo

But sometimes the crowd is so huge that we need someone else to point them out. This post tries to accomplish just that. With tons of Google Chrome plugins available for our use, choosing the “few” useful ones could be time-consuming. Presented below are a dozen plugins that I found useful (with a little help from some of my friends).
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A dozen Useful WordPress Plugins

… which we use in designpuli.com and in our other sister blogs. But we expect the better judgment of our readers while choosing what is right for your blog. Because what is right for us may be actually left for you!

1. Search Everything

search everything wordpress plugin

The biggest flip side of wordpress, according to me, is its search or rather its lack. I can’t understand why they have made it absolutely difficult to locate stuff inside a blog! Search Everything plugin extends searching to inside of tags, categories and even comments should you opt so.

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