QR Code Creation for VPA or UPI ID

Recently I was designing some posters for an event where the registration fee has to be paid to a specific UPI (Unified Payment Interface) ID. Nowadays people prefer contactless payment by scanning/uploading a QR code containing the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) using any UPI enabled mobile payment app. I was given only the UPI ID to be displayed on the poster in the format of <name@bank>. And, no QR code was sent to me.

This is the story of how I converted the UPI ID <name@bank> into a QR code for scanning and paying using a UPI enabled mobile payment app.

Printable QR Code in Just Two Steps!

Or, Just a Single Step!

Create Your UPI QR Code (low quality image) at CashlessConsumer website

Head over to CashlessConsumer website, enter your name and VPA (your UPI ID). Click on “Create QRCode” and you will see the QR code there on the screen. You can download this QR code and it will definitely work if you scan it with any payment app including GPay.

This Step is Only for Designers!

If you are a designer, you will notice that the generated QR code’s image quality is very low. You would need a high quality image to be included on websites or posters/fliers to be printed.

The typical information contained in a VPA QR code is:


  • Replace the UPI ID in the above string name@bank with yours.
  • Now enter the name of the person who owns the UPI ID in the above string by replacing name and surname. Please note that the spaces in the name or initials have to be the hexadecimal character %20.

Once you are ready with the modified version of the string given above, go to a QR code generator website like QR Code Generator!

Create Your QR Code (high quality image) at QR Code Generator website
  • First click on the ‘FREE TEXT’ tab above and copy paste the string below ‘Enter text.’
  • The QR code is generated automatically as soon as you paste the string.
  • Now you can download the QR code by clicking on the down arrow icon just above the newly generated QR code.
Download QR code as a PNG file of 2000px in size

There are color customizations available for the QR code. Some features like customized appearance require sign-in or a paid upgradation. Downloading the file in SVG format is also a premium option, but we are free to downlead the QR code as a PNG file of up to 2000px in size. This is good enough to be used on any websites or posters/fliers to be printed.

That’s all folks! Do you have any better methods, other than downloading the QR code from a GPay app where the UPI ID is already added? Comment below.

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