Design — Calendar 2012: Nature

2012Calendar_preview Nature

Here is a beautiful and pleasing 2012 Calendar for you. This calendar is titled “Nature.” The photos featured in this calendar are taken by aneeskA (FULLfx). Download links are available below. Also we are sharing the design thoughts. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of our designs as a comment.

Download JPEGs of the whole Calendar (ZIP, 4.38MB) »

2012 Calendar - January2012 Calendar - February
January 2012
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February 2012 
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2012 Calendar - March2012 Calendar - April
March 2012
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April 2012
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2012 Calendar - May2012 Calendar - June
May 2012
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June 2012
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2012 Calendar - July 2012 Calendar - August
July 2012
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August 2012
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2012 Calendar - September2012 Calendar - October
September 2012
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October 2012
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2012 Calendar - November 2012 Calendar - December
 November 2012
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December 2012
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Design Thoughts

Compared with the designs of previous years, we have changed the format of the calendar.  Earlier we used to give two months in a sheet. This time, only one month is in a sheet and the digits are arranged inside ‘S M T W T F S’ — representing ‘Sunday Monday… Saturday.’ The digits are in the font Constantia.
Following images show the metamorphosis of  ‘S M T W T F S.’

Version 1 of 2012 Calendar antzFx
Version 2 of 2012 Calendar antzFx
Version 3 of 2012 Calendar antzFx

The first version had  ‘S M T W T F S’ in Constantia Uppercase. The second version had Constantia Lowercase. The current version uses an outline (without fill) of modified Swatch font.
I modified ‘t’ and ‘m’ in the Swatch font to better adjust the digits inside. The ‘s’ for Saturday and Sunday are rotated 90 degrees. These changes ensured that the dates coming under a particular week are in a single column rather than staggered as you can see in the first two versions (Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday). Also, I removed the black fill of the ‘S M T W T F S’ and retained a thin grey outline to give more emphasis to the dates and images on the sheet.
Dear Reader, I hope all of you will like this and will buy a print version from us.

Design Date: 09-Nov-2011

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