My Tweets in March, April, 2011



Who is more powerful? Darth Vader or Thor? VW Passat came up with a video that shows a small boy dressed as Darth Vader who manages to start a car using the ‘force’ (How? See the video in the following link). Marvel Comics made a spoof of this for the promotion of the new film ‘Thor.’ I am not spoiling the plot, see the video.

  • I’m sure that you have seen and liked VW Passat ad (View: Now see ‘Little Thor’ by Marvel Comics.


Logo/Identity Design

Packaging Design

  • A light bulb: Redesign of the packaging to make it more functional, user-centric and sustainable.

Print Design

Product Design

Web Design

  • Applying Aristotle’s 3 means of persuasion to web design: how to appeal to logic, emotions, and credibility.