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James Brandon — Realistic HDR Photography

expedition everest - james brandon
My jaws dropped when I first saw this image created by James Brandon. That was my first time experiencing HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) and it changed my perception towards photography. Here we are in conversation with the man himself.

james brandon James Brandon
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Special Mention:
Author for Digital Photography School
Editor at HDR Spotting
Technique: HDR (Professional)

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How to stay away from 'auto liking' videos in FB

‘We are humans’

like facebook antzfx
Since we are humans, we may be tempted to click on a ‘fun’ video in Facebook that is liked by one of our friends. The moment you click on the ‘play’ button, you will be redirected to a website and then some scripts get executed.
The result? All your friends and the world will see that you liked the video. This leads to more clicks. In addition to this ‘auto liking,’ I strongly believe that these scripts may lift your personal data. So what can we do?
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My Tweets in March, April, 2011



Who is more powerful? Darth Vader or Thor? VW Passat came up with a video that shows a small boy dressed as Darth Vader who manages to start a car using the ‘force’ (How? See the video in the following link). Marvel Comics made a spoof of this for the promotion of the new film ‘Thor.’ I am not spoiling the plot, see the video.

  • I’m sure that you have seen and liked VW Passat ad (View: Now see ‘Little Thor’ by Marvel Comics.

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Desktop backgrounds of creative people

Most of us would like to customize the desktop background with an image that is closer to our heart. I have seen family photos, movie posters and stars, landscape photos taken on the last holiday outing… as desktop backgrounds. Some people, like me, are content with the default Windows/Mac/Ubuntu backgrounds.

People who work in the creative field usually flaunt their latest work on their desktops. Some designers, before giving a slide presentation to an audience, deliberately tinker with the projector cable connected to their notebooks for some time so that the viewers can see and envy their latest desktop background!
Last year, around this time, I asked some creative people about their desktop images. My intention was to publish 10 such images, but I could get only five as some people replied that they are using the default images of their OS.
Here are the five desktop backgrounds. Click on the images to download the high resolution file.
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