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Enjo Mathew — Soulful Photography

Last Woman Standing - Enjo Mathew
I am intrigued by the surreal works of Enjo Mathew. Even though predominantly melancholic, every moment I spend looking at them makes me light and peaceful at heart. Being a busy-body by birth, the effect of his works on me is profound.

Enjo Mathew Enjo Mathew
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Technique: Visual Art (Amateur)

A rare mix of photographic talent and surreal editing skills have made Enjo a promising prodigy in the field of visual art. This talk with him tries to get a peek into his methods, style and passion.
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Himanshu Khagta – On A Journey to Discover Reality

Travel - Himanshu Khagta
What prompts the birth of a travel photographer? For Himanshu Khagta, it is the mountains of Shimla (Himachal Pradesh, India).

Himanshu Khagta Himanshu Khagta
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Special Mention:Contributor in Femina, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times
Technique: Travel (Professional)

The sheer richness of colors in Himanshu’s clicks attracted me. All of the images showcase the true, incredible India. Today we are in conversation with Himanshu Khagta to understand his passion and style of photography.
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Nidhin G Poothully – Fascinated by Wilderness

Angry - Nidhin G Poothully
The photo (above) called “What Treepie told Barbet” shows the caliber of the wild life photographer – Nidhin G Poothully.

nidhin g poothully Nidhin G Poothully
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Special Mention: One of the founders of the site MyTripGuide
Technique: Wildlife (Professional)

Nidhin, a web developer by profession, is a passionate wild life photographer. He excels in painting and clay modeling. A firm believer of mother nature, he has spent years in the jungle trying to portray the beauty of nature and its true subjects.
Here we are in conversation with Nidhin to understand his technique and his passion towards nature.
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A dozen sites for Photography Inspiration – Part 1

1. Cambridge In Color
This site should have been named “Photography for dummies”. The tutorials are structured in such a way that even the toughest technology is a breeze to understand.
2. Digital Photography School
Digital Photography Tips  Digital Photography School
DPS ( as it is affectionately called ) is a great site for learning digital photography tips. Whats nice about them is that they have got pros writing articles which are excellent guides for a newbie.
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My Tweets in February, 2011

Lego Star Wars
Star Wars are still waged across the galaxy. The questions is: Can you write your own Star Wars story? Or, can you picturize one?


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My Tweets in January, 2011

osocio castaways
If you are old and you are involved in a ship wreck, you will be saved first! So says the ad that is trying to spread cancer awareness and the importance of early detection. ‘Live to be old!’


  • “Live to be old” campaign series from Y&R which is aimed at young people with visions of how they might be one day.
  • Settee or sofa everywhere! “See the world differently” – Brilliant ads from M&C Saatchi, Auckland.

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