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Design — Poster for Magazine: 2

“Raise your voice…”
‘Voices’ is a student magazine in my college with the slogan ‘Raise your voice, let yourself be heard!’ I got a chance to design posters that ask students to be a part of the magazine.
One of my earlier attempts of poster design for this same magazine can be found here.
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Design – 404 Page of

Crystallization of the idea
A lot of Photoshop work went into the design of the free wedding invitation template website The checkerboard pattern in Photoshop that represents a transparent image led to the idea of making this 404 page.
Click here to visit the 404 page of
Transparent 404 page
To give the feeling of transparent ice or transparent glass to the page, SolidWorks software is used to render the images. The 404 page consists of a ‘404 error,’ a matrix just like the blumblum homepage and a message of ‘File Not Found.’
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Design – Independence Day Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

On the occasion of the Indian Independence Day (15-Aug), here is a desktop wallpaper calendar for you to download.
Last year, we designed a greeting card to mark the occasion.It’s really important to us that important days are marked in the correct way. Designing a card or wallpaper is the perfect way to show your feelings about something and really gives you a chance to express your feelings.
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"Tell me, what was your first…

A couple of days ago, I happen to read a blog post by Gavin Elliott: “Designers, what was your first piece of work?.” 24 designers speak about their first designs. Since I am not a celebrity, Gavin didn’t take the trouble of contacting me.
So today morning, I spent some hours digging through my back-up data in CDs and got some old stuff. For those who are interested, here is my story.
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